Gear - Rigs - Placards & Flaps - Haley Strategic TRMP Triple Rifle Mag Placard W/ MP2 Inserts
Gear - Rigs - Placards & Flaps - Haley Strategic TRMP Triple Rifle Mag Placard W/ MP2 Inserts
Gear - Rigs - Placards & Flaps - Haley Strategic TRMP Triple Rifle Mag Placard W/ MP2 Inserts
Gear - Rigs - Placards & Flaps - Haley Strategic TRMP Triple Rifle Mag Placard W/ MP2 Inserts
Gear - Rigs - Placards & Flaps - Haley Strategic TRMP Triple Rifle Mag Placard W/ MP2 Inserts
Haley Strategic TRMP Triple Rifle Mag Placard w/ MP2 Inserts

Haley Strategic TRMP Triple Rifle Mag Placard w/ MP2 Inserts


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The Thorax Triple Rifle Mag Placard (TRMP) is a collaboration between Haley Strategic and Onward Research (Garand Thumb) with direct testing and feedback from the SOCOM community. The TRMP was designed as a lightweight chassis for use as a streamlined magazine placard on the Thorax Plate Carrier or as a standalone TRMP Chest Rig (TRMP-CRX) when outfitted with a harness and backpad. (X-Harness Chest Rig Kit)

The three magazine placard comes standard with our proprietary MP2 inserts allowing secure retention of most 5.56x45, 5.45x39, 7.62x35, 7.62x39 and 7.62x51 rifle magazines without the need for bungies or flaps. The positive click-in magazine pouch delivers a smooth draw without impacting the ability to quickly reindex partial magazines during tactical reload. The MP2s are also removable, allowing the operator to place radios, laser range finders, or medical kits within the enclosed space. The TRMP includes three woven elastic pouches on the front of the placard, two pass through and a single closed pouch, creating secure storage for additional magazines, tourniquet, shock tubes, charges, maps, compass, chemlights or other essential kit while maintaining an incredibly lightweight and slim profile.


  • Low-profile design enables the user to carry rifle magazines, radios and other mission essential equipment without excess bulk.
  • Optional MP2 inserts for added magazine retention.
  • Removable shock cord provides positive magazine retention.
  • Elastic front pockets for low profile storage.
  • Compatible with Side Tension Strap (STS) kits.
  • Deployable as a standalone chest rig with appropriate accessories.


  • DIMENSIONS: 7.5” (L) x 11.5” (W) x 1.75” (H)
  • WEIGHT:14.08 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michael G.
Trump Placard

It’s nice, very nice. Maybe the nicest placard on the market.

The difference in a well thought out product developed by experts.

A little background, I've been in federal law enforcement in Arizona for over a decade and I've tried a large portion of gear that's out there. As a professional and servant of the community I'm always researching gear to help give myself and my coworkers the edge. This is one of those pieces of gear. Yeah there's about a million and a half triple mag placards out there but the thing that sets this one apart is the 3 stretchy pouches on front of the mag pouches. I never knew how much I needed them til I had them. I can on the fly throw extra of whatever I may need in them. Hitting a stash house full of people, slip a few cuffs in them. taking notes but then need your hands, slip the pad in it and get to work. The combos are endless. I tend to run it with a TQ in one, Cuffs in the middle, and the other empty and ready to go for whatever the situation may throw at me. Now on to the actual pouches, I have a lot of different guns so being able to run a variety of mags truly makes this placard a one stop shop for the centerpiece of a vest setup. Need more stuff, Haley and others offer plenty of options to build around it whether that be danglers, wing pouches, or back and side pouches. In summary Travis is one **** of a product developer not only in his previous experience, but as an innovator that is constantly pushing the boundaries of what's working best for guys in the field now. I own the entire thorax system and like this placard it is very obvious that it was developed through a beautiful combo of science, experience, and the desire to make a quality product.

Excellent + great service

Excellent as expected, shipping was same day, comms were also excellent.

Nice one

The bungee cord is very short, but overall the product is very well built...

Tim R.
Great quality

The HSP TRMP is perfect, it's exactly what you'd expect coming from HSP.

Paul B.
Perfect for multi cal

This is really perfect for all my different calibers, from 223 to 308 ar10 mags and I really love your building that holds retention very well!!!!

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