Supplies - Electronics - Communications - TCI MAST Antenna Relocation Kit
Supplies - Electronics - Communications - TCI MAST Antenna Relocation Kit
Supplies - Electronics - Communications - TCI MAST Antenna Relocation Kit
Supplies - Electronics - Communications - TCI MAST Antenna Relocation Kit

TCI MAST Antenna Relocation Kit


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The TCI MAST (Modular Antenna System Tactical) Kit allows tactical operators to relocate their radio antennas to improve line of sight communications, reduce the potential for interference caused by certain types of radio antennas, and decrease the visual obstructions caused by standard antenna configurations.

The TCI MAST Kit is sold in multiple versions. Version 1 and Version 4 are designed to thread directly onto the antenna port of the radio at one end, and directly into the antenna at the other end. This is best for when there is no requirement for rapid reconfiguration of antennas or use of a SATCOM antenna with the tactical radio. 

Version 2R is comes with a quick disconnect that allows for either the rapid transition from the LOS antenna to a separate SAT antenna or, with a second Version-2 kit, the transition between two different LOS antennas (i.e. UHF High/VHF Low). This can be extremely useful for communicators that require optimum communications on air to ground and ground to ground nets with the same radio. Since no one antenna is perfect throughout the full frequency range a radio, the ability to rapidly change between different antennas while ensuring they are both securely attached and ideally located can save valuable time on the objective.

Please note, MAST Kits do not include the antenna.


  • 24" Cable with Fixed Connections
  • TNC Male to TNC Female Attachment
  • Fits: MBITR / JEM / PRC-148 / PRC-152


  • 24" Cable with 90° Quick-Disconnect
  • TNC Female to BCN Male Cable, with BNC Female to TNC Male 90° QD Adapter
  • Fits: MBITR / JEM / / PRC-148 / PRC-15


  • 24" Cable with Fixed Connections
  • SMA Male to SMA Female Attachment
  • Fits: Motorola PRC-153 / HT1000 / XTS3000 XTS5000 / TRBO / APX6000 & 7000 Series / PRR / EZPRR / Astro Saber (not conventional Saber) 

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