Gear - Rigs - Chest Rigs - Ferro Concepts Chesty Rig Mini Harness
Gear - Rigs - Chest Rigs - Ferro Concepts Chesty Rig Mini Harness
Gear - Rigs - Chest Rigs - Ferro Concepts Chesty Rig Mini Harness
Gear - Rigs - Chest Rigs - Ferro Concepts Chesty Rig Mini Harness
Gear - Rigs - Chest Rigs - Ferro Concepts Chesty Rig Mini Harness

Ferro Concepts Chesty Rig Mini Harness


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The Chesty Rig Mini Harness was designed to offer more flexibility with our ADAPT line of products. The ADAPT front flaps can be interchanged between the Slickster and Chesty Rigs allowing quick customization to meet your mission needs.


  • Vertical laser cut slots on the front to use with Ferro Concepts Cable Management Kit and/or Ferro Concepts PTT Retainers
  • H-harness rear includes loop Velcro for ID patches
  • Additional mounting points on sides and bottom of Chesty platform
  • Fully adjustable H-harness and waist strap

Made in the USA. Berry Compliant. 

Customer Reviews

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Bryan A.
High quality, different design.

Before choosing this chest rig it is worth noting I looked at other products (Haley Strategic D3CR Micro, Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chassis Mk4) before selecting this one. Why is this product good for me?

1. The Chesty Rig is different than others because the harness is separate from the placards. Most Chest rigs attach to a harness or a plate carrier as a whole unit without straps. The Chesty Rig is different, the harness itself is permanently attached to a velcro placard to which other placards attach to. This is important because it keep things low profile and allows you to attach only the placards you buy to a plate carrier and not the harness backing itself.

2. Very high quality with and emphasis on low profile. While the Spiritus micro fight is technically smaller, the Chesty Rig (through the use of the ADAPT system options) can be very modular and low profile. This means it can be configured to lay flatter along your chest than any other because you are not constrained to one specific sewed-in configuration. If you want to add wing/side velcro pouches for things smaller than a radio I recommend this product (SIDEKICK ADAPTER from defensive mechanisms)

3. It will come at a higher cost, modularity means more ADAPT systems to buy and if you're looking for a system that can initially do more at price point, the D3CR Micro is a better starter option. It is worth noting that the D3CR Micro comes with an X harness which depending on your build can be considered a downgrade to the H harness that the Chesty Rig comes with.

4. The Chesty Rig works well for those with multiple weapon systems. While M4 magazines are a given, AK mags can also work with the D3CR Micro. The added space and larger selection of kangaroo pouches from Ferro Concepts means that AK and 762 (.308) magazines are guaranteed to fit, this cannot be said about the Micro fight.

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