Gear - Protection - Armor - Hesco 3611C Level III+ Stand Alone Body Armor Plate - LE Cut
Gear - Protection - Armor - Hesco 3611C Level III+ Stand Alone Body Armor Plate - LE Cut
Gear - Protection - Armor - Hesco 3611C Level III+ Stand Alone Body Armor Plate - LE Cut

Hesco 3611C Level III+ Body Armor Plate - LE Cut


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The Hesco 3611C Level III+ Body Armor Plate is a mid-range, lightweight, Level III+ (NIJ Certified Level III) stand alone plate designed for a perfect balance of protection, weight, and cost. Multi-shot rated on select threats and sprayed in a water repellent polyurea coating.

Our 600 SERIES is designed for comfort and ease of mobility. These lightweight and high performance plates are ideal for tactical teams and speed operations. Like all of our HESCO BALLISTIC INSERTS, these plates are manufactured to the highest quality and tested beyond NIJ requirements, to a HESCO STANDARD.


  • Lightweight ceramic/Spectra® design
  • Comfort Designed for Longer Wear
  • Law Enforcement Style Shooter Cut and Military Style SAPI Cut
  • Highly Durable, Waterproof, Sprayed on Polyurea Finish
  • Precision Quality Control


  • Width x Length: 10.00 x 12.00 inches / 254 x 305 mm
  • Thickness: 1.05 inches / 27 mm 
  • Weight: 3.9 lbs / 1.8 kg
  • Curve: Multi-Curve


      • 7.62x51mm-M80: 2800 ft/s - 6 Rounds
      • 7.62x39mm-M67: 2390 ft/s- 6 Rounds
      • 5.56x45mm-M193: 305 ft/s- 6 Rounds
      • 7.62x39mm-M43 (Mild Steel Core): 2390 ft/s- 6 Rounds
      • 5.56x45mm-M855/SS109 (Green Tip): 3050 ft/s- 6 Rounds

      Selecting the proper body armor size and shape, to allow maximum protection and maintain ease of mobility, is of utmost importance. This guide will assist in selecting the ballistic insert size and shape best suited for you.

      Body armor is available in a number of shapes and sizes, as well as various curvatures, weights, and thicknesses. Torso plates provide front and back chest protection. Side plates are also available for additional protection.

      STEP 1 - Determine your chest measurement and length of plate that best suits you.
      Chest 32 - 35"
      (81.3 - 88.9 cm)
      36 - 39"
      (91.4 - 99.1 cm)
      40 - 43"
      (101.6 - 109.2 cm)
      44 - 47"
      (111.8 - 119.4 cm)

      121.9 cm+)
      Length of Plate
      Determine the optimum plate length for you. When standing, the top plate edge should rest at the level of the suprasternal/jugular notch (see figure below). Bottom plate edge should extend to approximately 4.5 inches above service belt insuring protection of vital organs and vessels.
      STEP 2 - Select your plate style and appropriate size.
      SAPI / ESAPI Cuts XS
      7.25 x 11.5"
      (184 x 292 mm)
      8.75 x 11.75"
      (222 x 298 mm)
      9.5 x 12.5"
      (241 x 318 mm)
      10.25 x 13.25"
      (260 x 337 mm)
      11 x 14"
      (279 x 356 mm)
      Shooter / Swimmer / LE Cuts S
      8 x 10"
      (203 x 254 mm)
      10 x 12"
      (254 x 305 mm)

      Using the chart above, pick the closest size to your measurements. Once you have determined the armor size you can buy a plate carrier that fits that armor.

      The size of the carrier has little to do with your shirt size but everything to do with the size of your armor plate. The carrier itself is adjustable, usually in the shoulders to adjust the ride height of the plates, and in the cummerbund to adjust waist size. If your hard armor is sized correctly to cover your vitals then the correctly sized carrier will adjust to fit you properly. 

      10 x 12" size plates are increasingly popular as it is a middle of the road size that covers many individuals. 10 x 12" is closest to a Medium SAPI or Large Swimmer cut, so most vests designed to these sizes will fit a 10x12" plate.

      This is highly subjective, and the answer is different for many people. Some things to keep in mind: Select armor designed to defeat ammunition used in your own firearm or in weapons known to be used in the area you patrol; know if your armor will be used as part of an active shooter / bug out kit (infrequent wear) or worn for extended periods or during patrols (more frequent wear) ; know what firearms are used by your workforce; be aware of sport shooting or hunting in your area.

      Most plate carriers are designed to fit SAPI cut plates, and are sized to the plate. For example, a Medium plate carrier from most brands means it will fit Medium SAPI plates. This isn't always the case, but it's the most common way of sizing plate carriers. Small or Medium carriers can generally can hold Large 10x12" Shooter cut plates too, as the dimensions are similar. Each plate carrier is slightly different, so see the size chart on the item page for the best description of the fit.

      Customer Reviews

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      Stanley W.

      Our sergeant's armor plate had been taken in a car break in so the boys all chipped in to get the new set of upgraded green tip rated plates. The plates were also lighter 3.9lbs compared to his heavier 6lbs plates. We are officers with the Honolulu PD. The quick delivery ensures the sarge would not be unequipped for the job. Needless to say the sarge was very happy with the new plates and carrier

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